wineLENS is a specialist creator of high-quality digital video content. We work in and around the wine space, so that means wine, food, chefs, restaurants, cities, towns, events and tourism are all like home for us. We also have a penchant for fashion, but that’s a whole other story.

Our clients range from very small businesses right the way through to multinational corporations. We also work with charities, not for profit organisations and governments. We love working on interesting projects with good people and bringing them to life.

We bring a creative edge to everything we do and we tailor an approach around each client to deliver the best possible outcome. We add value too, because we love what we do. Love = Value, Value = Love.

That’s why most of our projects aren’t just one-off’s. We work on an ongoing basis with many of our clients and a lot of projects arrive by referral.

We offer a complete service that delivers creatively at every step, from concept development, design and production, right through to distribution. We are avid consumers as well as creators of high-quality, creatively styled video content.


Nick StockNick Stock

Nick Stock is a leading Australia-based wine critic with a highly regarded international profile. His experience in front of the camera spans almost two decades and includes several series for major Australian free-to-air television networks. Awards include the 2012 Born Digital Award for Best Wine Tourism Feature and a Silver Award from the Australian Cinematographers Society in 2013.

Favourite wine: Pinot Noir, Riesling and Nebbiolo (that’s three). Oh, and Chardonnay and Champagne. (OK, make it five).


Luke EblenLuke Eblen

Luke Eblen is sought after Australian videographer talent who has built a name for creativity and high quality work. He brings a wealth of experience from the fashion and music space and clients include Marc Jacobs, GHD International, Ellory, Josh Goot, Niche Productions, Mash Design, Deus ex Machina, Live Nation, Finders Keepers, Cameo and Evo.

Favourite wine: Krug Champagne (you will figure out why)



His passion for early starts means he can lead the team to coffee but, of course, cannot partake himself. But these trivial details do not phase Ricky Bobby. He just loves being across the project and loves being involved. He makes sure everything is right. He makes things happen and, most of all, he’s always got our back.

Favourite Wine: Dog Point Pinot Noir
Photo courtesy Wine Dogs 3